10 Lessons From A Leader’s Legacy

Recently, I changed roles from helping to lead one of Saddleback's multisite campuses to helping to start the next 10. That change brought a change in work location. Each day I come into the Ministry offices at Saddleback's Lake Forest campus I walk … [Read more]

Trinitarian Leadership

Dallas Willard once wrote, "The triune God is a personal being who exists as a joyous community of humility, servanthood, and mutual submission." I wonder...should we not model our leadership on this reality? Joy G.K. Chesterton once said, … [Read more]

The Long Tail of Leadership

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, wrote ten years about what he called The Long Tail. The long tail was a term Anderson used to explain the traditional rule of retail economics which dictated, …that stores only stock the likely … [Read more]

Doing Leaders vs. Causing Leaders

A “Doing” Leader                     A “Causing” Leader A "doing" stifles growth because they can only "do" so much A "causing" leader has unlimited growth potential A "doing" leader need only trust themselves. A … [Read more]

The Hidden Value of Succession Planning

Succession Planning There is a great deal of talk right now about succession planning. William Vanderbloemen and Warren Bird’s book Next: Pastor Succession That Works has contributed much to the conversation. I have heard several podcasts on the … [Read more]