Chesty Puller and the Pastor

Lieutenant General Lewis B. Puller, or Chesty Puller, is a legend in the annals of the Marine Corps. His reputation for being a hard charging and hard fighting military leader is legendary. In his book, Chesty: The Story of Lieutenant General … [Read more]

Church Boss, Leader, or Builder

Are you a boss, a leader, or a builder? The distinctions have a lot to do with not only your church health, but your ability to adapt to church organizations as a church leader. Umair Haque (@umairh), author of a post on the Harvard Business … [Read more]

Deeper Leadership Evaluation Questions

All leaders should take time to reflect on their leadership. The questions leaders use to evaluate and reflect on their leadership is important. Inherent in the questions is the goal of the leader. In other words, what we seek to do or become as a … [Read more]

Whose Calling Are You Pursuing?

Pursuing your calling within the church often comes in two forms. You can pursue the calling that comes from others, the calling associated with the demands of ministry and the people of the church. Or, you can pursue the calling that comes … [Read more]

Spartacus and The Pastor

I recently read Barry Strauss, professor of history and classics at Cornell University, book The Spartacus Wars. Upon finishing the book, I asked myself, “Does Spartacus have any lessons to offer a pastor?” I believe he does.  Spartacus was in many … [Read more]